Welcome To E-Accounting

Which brings the power to control your bussiness from anywhere around the world , with miltiple branches.

Now is the time...

E-Accouting , is the single most effective way to increase the productivity of your bussiness , Can run accross all borders worldwide in every possible way.

We offer you to create multiple companies with multiple branches , with multiple financial years. Your Company data will be highly secure and protected in highly secure servers. So you never loose your data in any circumtances. No one access your company data without proper roles and login crediantials.

We provide you features like Payroll , Invoice Bill Generation , Stock Management , Cash In Hand , Vouchers Like Expense and Sales etc.
Reporing features like Cash Statements , profit and losss, balance sheet and so on. Not Only you can see whats going on your bussiness from anywhere in the world but also you can generate Reports of profit and loss.

"Accounting , Is possibly the most boring subject in the world . And also it could be the most counfusing .But if you want to be rich , long term , it could be the most important subject"